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when you reread a book or rewatch a show/movie and you notice things


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Post Tom-atic Stress Disorder
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Anonymous: Why do you hate Eleven?


man it’s super late but i basically boils down to 

  • i’m not a fan of the doctor behaving like a complete child
  • not bothering to find amy’s baby
  • not telling amy about being pregnant
  • brainwashing humanity to murder for him
  • stalking clara/not telling her he’s met her twice before
  • effectively murdering oswin by leaving her to die in the explosion he enables by removing the defences and not taking her with him just because her mind is trapped in a metal tank
  • murdering dozens of coma patients by exploding the spaceship without even thinking about rescuing them
  • not a fan of a character who is constantly lying and who i can’t trust as a viewer
  • i didn’t realise this for ages, but the way he spits out food and water onto amelia’s floor, and throws/smashes china plates- like oh my god little 7 year old amelia is going to have clear that up you asshole?
  • letting river take the fall for his murder so that he can remain ‘in the shadows’, while she spends her life locked up in a cell
  • phrases like ‘humany wumany’ and ‘explodey wodey’
  • the constant twirling
  •  ’——- are cool’
  • him cutting himself off from humanity and literally sulking in a cloud because his friends are happy together (and totally able to seem him again tbqh), after he failed to manipulate amy into staying with him
  • talking down to people, calling them stupid (strax for example)
  • sexually assaulting rory
  • sexually assaulting a married queer woman and not apologising when she slaps him.
  • making boner movements with various phallic objects
  • acting sexually aware one minute (wrt river, leering at clara’s bum) and then the next he’s flailing like a kid when he’s being kissed and not understanding that craig is implying sex or that amy and rory are having sex
  • acting like he’s never been on earth before and not understanding human customs (somewhat limited to the craig episodes which is why i don’t like them)
  • sick of stories centering on his importance to the universe
  • forcing river to break her wrist and screaming at her, despite the fact that they could have just written the line about it being broken in the book, but not gone ahead with it irl
  • sniggering behind clara’s back when she accuses him of thinking women can’t drive
  • his reply ‘it’s a woman’ and facial expression to the monk
  • forcing his friends to witness his ‘death’ and to think he’s dead for god knows how long
  • when rory crashes the TARDIS because he was distracted by looking up amy’s skirt, instead of telling rory to pay more attention, he tells amy to put some trousers on
  • how he’s constantly running from his darkest day, or his darkest hour and rising up higher than before and falling father than before and omg stop being so dramatic
  •  Ah, well, she’s been brainwashed. It all makes sense to her. Plus, she is a woman.’
there’s probably more but it’s 2am


Can’t believe mark zuckerberg offered to buy snapchat for $3 billion when he could just download it for free from the app store

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